About Us

It's not until you have done a Champagne Tower or two you realise your vision of a beautiful pour and cascade from one glass to the glasses below is not the reality. You learn that they are messy and temperamental.

My name is Becs, I am married with three wonderful Children and I also own two private event venues way down under in beautiful New Zealand.

Not only do I love Champagne, I love the flair and glamour a Champagne Tower brings to a special event. After a lot of Tower spills and wasted Champagne I set out to devise something to control the cascade and make my Champagne Towers even better. I challenged myself to solve the problem and invented the Champagne Tower Ninja. A simple plastic devise which sits under the base of each glass in the upper levels of the Tower, which creates an aqueduct system, directing and controlling the flow of Champagne down the tower.

A simple, Patent Pending invention, but one the world of Champagne Towers needs.

Cheers, and a toast to the future of Champagne Tower fabulousness.