• The Problem

    Any glassware you choose for your Tower, and regardless of how close you stack them, there are gaps that lose Champagne, rather than filling up the glasses one tier below.

  • The Solution

    The Champagne Tower Ninja covers the gaps and directs the Champagne into the glasses below. Reducing mess and wastage.

  • Saves Champagne

    Champagne is too precious to waste! The Ninja reduces champagne spillage, saving precious dollars. 4-tier tower testing showed a saving of 5 bottles of Champagne

Watch the Champagne Tower Ninja in action

  • Nick Love

    We practiced filling our Champagne Tower with sparkling water, and saw about 30% end up in the base tray. What a waste of Verve, so we brought the Champagne Tower Ninja and on the night the base of our tower was completely dry.

  • Carolyn Shoer

    I love Champagne Towers, but when I decided to replace a wedding cake for a tower I was so nervous. I wanted it to be just perfect. We did a few trial runs at home and the drink ended up all over our benchtop. The Ninja's saved the day and we had the best tower on the night.

  • Larni Arnott

    What a marvellously simple, cheap and quick fix to cover up all the glass gaps in your Champagne Tower. Genius!

Why you need a Ninja?

The Ninja is an transparent, barely visible circular piece of recyclable plastic that sits under each glass in the upper levels of your Champagne Tower.

Each Nijja works in stealth to:

  • Direct the champagne into the glasses one level below. Without the Ninja the champagne flows through the gaps, only partially filling glasses at any given level
  • Provide added stability to your tower
  • Minimise the loss of precious champagne
  • This patent pending invention creates an aqueduct system to control the cascade of the champagne down the tower tiers

You only get one shot and a tower is a big deal, so make sure it has the best opportunity to shine on your special day.

'Don't risk the tower without the power of the Ninja'

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  • Barely Visible

    The Champagne Tower Ninjas do not effect the aesthetic of your tower. Made of flexible clear plastic, they operate in stealth. Check out the tower above.

  • Ninjas create a better looking Tower

    A Champagne Tower just looks better when the Champagne fills the glass then cascades to the next tier. The Ninjas work hard to control the flow and stops champagne falling through gaps all the way down the tower.

  • Recyclable

    Food safe and fully recyclable with your other plastics