So you're swapping out the old-school cake tradition for something a bit more extravagant and fun, enter the champagne tower! Here are some essential insider tips to ensure your tower moment goes off without a hitch!

1.    Get those Bottles Ready: Don’t kill the vibe by fumbling with corks. Have all your champagne bottles ready to go by pre-opening all but one that you pop at the start. This ensures a seamless pour throughout the celebration.

2.    Size Matters: When it comes to glasses, smaller is better. Opt for 150ml glasses – they fill up quicker, saving you cash on champagne and getting that cascade going in no time.

3.    Do the Math: Know how many bottles you'll need? Bust out your calculator and multiply your glass size by the number of glasses that you want to fill. Then divide that by 750 (that's how much champagne is in a bottle). Boom, you're set!

4.    Uniform Glasses Rule: Make sure all your glasses are twinsies – same size, same height. Consistency is key for building a sturdy tower.

5.    Pick the Perfect Glass: Coupe glasses are the MVPs (most valuable player) here, but if you want some extra drama, go for ones with longer stems. Just watch out for those flutes – not impossible, but they can be a bit wobbly.

6.    Solid Ground: Your table needs to be as steady as a rock and on a level floor. A wonky surface could spell disaster for your tower – nobody wants a champagne avalanche!

7.    Call in the Ninja: No, not an actual ninja, but close! Grab some Champagne Tower Ninjas – they're like little plastic bodyguards for your glasses, keeping everything stable and minimises spills. 

8.    Pour with Panache: Start your pour slow and steady, especially for that top glass. Once it's filled, you can pick up the pace. Just like building a tower of blocks!

9.    Practice: Don't leave it to chance – give it a test run with soda water. Bubbles behaves a bit differently than regular water, and you can still simply dry the glasses for the main event.

10.VIP Treatment: Rope off your tower area to keep it safe from over-enthusiastic guests. You don't want all your hard work knocked over before the party even starts!

So there you have it – the ultimate guide to creating a champagne tower that'll steal the show. Cheers to making memories that sparkle! 🥂

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