The Story of the Champagne Tower Ninja

The Story of the Champagne Tower Ninja


The journey of the Champagne Tower Ninja began when I decided to leave my successful career in advertising. I had achieved everything I had wanted, including winning multiple Cannes Media Lions and even the Grand Prix. Despite my success I always dreamed of owning my own business, but like many women before me, I was scared and doubted myself. Even though I had already proven I could achieve great things.


I took a leap of faith and bought a hospitality business, investing more money than I had planned. Just as the doors opened, Covid-19 struck and New Zealand entered a prolonged period of closed boarders and lockdowns. Those were some of my darkest days navigating the harsh realities of the pandemic.


 As we emerged from our forced imprisonment, people were slow to return to hospitality. In response, I pivoted the business from a public bar into a private function venue, and this decision was a turning point. Over the past three, years not only did the business survive, but it also started to thrive. We now host multiple events each week and have even opened a second venue.


Our venues are known for hosting celebrations such as weddings, milestone birthdays, and corporate events. With Champagne Towers being one of the most opulent rituals of celebration. One event the host wanted the full ceremonial Champagne Sabrage with magnums of Verve Clicquot poured down a 5-tier Champagne Tower.


I became obsessed with the structure of the tower and the challenge of constructing the tower without wasting the very expensive champagne. After hours of contemplation, the breakthrough came when I devised a way to control the champagne flow. It had to be clear, so that it wouldn’t disrupt the towers aesthetic. Using laminated plastic, scissors and scalpel, I crafted clear plastic trays that extended the base of the glass, creating walls to divert the champagne into the glasses below.   After several iterations, the trays worked perfectly.


The trays reminded me of Ninja throwing star weapons, hence the name “Ninja’s”. A Corporate Client casually suggested I should sell them, which planted a seed. We soon found a manufacturer, secured our Patent priority date and set up a Shopify online store to take Champagne Tower Ninjas to the world. Our first small manufacturing batch arrived mid-June 2024, and we are officially launched on the market.


They say New Zealand is a land of accidental inventors. The Champagne Tower Ninja, born from a simple yet pressing problem, has proven to be an elegant solution enhancing the beauty and functional flow of champagne towers.  After my first dark chapter in hospitality, the Ninja is a small light I am really proud of.


Stay tuned and let’s see how high the Ninja can fly.





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